Devylknyght, a Forsaken Warrior from the Tirisfal Glades has trouble coming to terms with his undeath. On his quest for vengeance he joins the Horde and meets Paleyotheya. She is a Tauren Druid from Mulgore that also joins the Horde, but with a much different goal. Paleyotheya seeks to protect all life and wants to help heal a world that is suffering from the ravages of war. Once outside the lush plains of Mulgore, the horrors that she sees and the violence that she experiences challenge her quest for peace and healing. Before Devylknyght is consumed fully by his rage, he finds a possible new purpose for his undeath, and his internal healing also intrigues Paleyotheya.
In the middle of a world-wide war they fall in Love. Their resolve is tested when the Horde is constantly beseiged and the war follows them, no matter where they go. Only by fighting (and healing) for eachother, will they be able to find what they both seek. A place to be together.


I made this movie (and trailer) for the love of my life, Callista Pogge, with the main purpose of proposing marriage to her during its world premier, which I did on September 6th, 2015 (Her Birthday and exactly 4 years after we first met.) She said yes! As much as I am the Devylknyght, she is my Paleyotheya, and as long as we are together, I know what I am fighting for.

Theatrical Trailer

Feature Film