Planet CYBERTRON is a fururistic planet designed to carry on the human essence, long after the species' physical bodies have gone extinct.


The human race had long known that their (originally believed) homeworld of Earth would eventually die. The race advanced considerably in intelligence after millions of years of evelution, but primitive instincts prevented them from reaching their full potential. Greed, war, and ignorance led to the plateau and eventual decline of society. Humans were barely able to sustain their existence on Earth up until the final days when the sun grew to scorch the planet.

However, in those final years, when all attempts to escape the planet and find a new home had failed. One scientist discovered a method for downloading human consiousness into computer hard drives. As the last humans died out, the new population of cyber humans were able escape the planet on ships that now did not have to support biological bodies.

After millions of years searching, and 3 near successes, the Human Extension Contingency, as it came to be called, found a planet that had abundent energy available for use and would serve as the perfect planet to serve as a homeworld for a new future of exploration and knowledge. That planet came to be known as CYBERTRON.



Due to failure of the human species as a biological entity, it was thought that many of the same problems would still exist as electronic beings. That fact was found largely to be false due the much less needs of society in this new form. However, new needs and agendas did arise and laws did need to be established. New laws continue to be formed as needed, but the base of the entire civilization is based around 2 concepts.

First, governments are prohibited. No individual user (individual human entities came to be known as users) are allowed to hold any more power than any other when it comes to making and enforcing laws.

Second, all users have back-ups stored in a protected facility that can be accessed should any user need to return to a restore point. This practice can be used both to repair and to punish/correct. This prevents any user from ever being lost/erased completely (they never "die"). In addition to this, duplicating a user is strictly prohibited.


The advancement of the Human Extension Contingency has been decided to focus on 3 main goals.

First, exploring the stars for any other life or intelligences as well as any potentional places to expand to.

Second, researching the possibly of reproducing users to create electronic "children" of mixtures of qualities from parent users.

Third, developing a plan for possibly ressurrecting the biological human species.